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From The Chairman's Desk...
Due to new revolutionary changes in today's competitive era, it is a serious challenge to make a career by setting right goals in front of the youth. Many times, due to lack of proper guidance and decision, both time and money are wasted due to students walking on a directionless path. The youth of today is wandering so much in the glut of this modernity that he is unable to give the right direction to his career and remains in a state of indecision. A small decision can also get a student to the floor and take them away from the floor.
Most of the 12th passed students will definitely be worried about their further careers whether to pursue a college degree (BA, BAC, BCom) or coaching for the preparation of competitions. Therefore, the right choice for both the questions is Ashirwad Defense Academy where students get government before the completion of college degree at the age of 17-18.
With the resolve to follow the path of asceticism and spiritual practice, the Ashirwad family has chosen the path of 'Sanskar Se Saksal' where the children have taken up the dual responsibility of providing good education and samskara in a healthy environment like a Gurukul.

with best wishes!

Mulchand Kulhari

Dear Students,

"Be brave, be bold, dare and so. 
Nothing Will be impossible, No obstacle is insurmountable.
Once mind is made up and you stand firm as a rock, no one can stop you from gaining your goal and crowning yourself with sucess." 
Dear Students, if you have Passed 12th and looking for a career in DEFENCE join ADA. We aspire to provide job to every student who joins our academy for his career. Our Aim is, every student should get success in his life. Success comes when you know what you want or desire. The starting point, then is to know what you want in life. Let your ambition come true. Never mind and never fear. What appears impossible today will become a reality tomorrow, with your determination, dedication and application. The Man Who Wins Is The Man Who Thinks He Can. AASHIRWAD DEFENCE ACADEMY Leads you on the road to success.

with best wishes!

Jitendra Choudhary


About Us

To motivate, train and educate the youth of the nation to join defence forces. Nurish them and make them an officer. Make them believe that they can do it right from the day they think of being an aspirant

Our mission is to give the forces such brilliant candidates that make sure that India is looked upon as the best in the world for Armed forces.
Admission Process
Take Application form and fill the information which has asked in the application form and attach the following items....

Photocopy of your all educational qualification certificates.
Domicile (Mool Niwas)/Caste certificate- If available.
4 latest passport size color photos.
ID Proof (Aadhar Card / Driving License/Voter ID/School Id Card or any other Id proof)
We understand that most of the students moving away from home feel out of place; hence we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible by offering comfortable and safe stay in the campus. aashirwad Defence Academy have its own Hostel for the students who come to Institute for NDA, Army, Navy and other defence exams from all over India, supervised 24X7 by wardens and vigilant security personnel.

Consists of all the necessary amenities for the students. We provide facilities like 24 hour R.O pure drinking water, 24 hour Geneset powerbackup, 24 hours running hot and cold water, facility for stay of parents, altogether a compete peaceful environment for studies.

Every effort is made to make students feel at home while their stay at the hostels.
Quality objectives

To provide good residential facilities with neat environment.
To provide nutritious food.
To improve the team spirit, cooperation and value elders whom the students meet.
Extra Classes
In modern era student feels hesitation in asking doubts in class. So, ADA provides personal doubts solving sessions from the best faculties of the institute. Also , academy provides regular guidance & motivation sessions by the defence officers.
1. Well furnished class rooms
2. Sound and dust proof class rooms
3. classes on power point presentation ( Projector)
4. Study under e-observation of Director by CCTV Camera
5. Lecture with the help of White Board-Marker.
A well-stocked library is the soul of any institute, it caters to the intellectual taste and preferences and develops the healthy habit of reading. The scores of books, journals, magazine, novels and periodicals provide ample resource to students and staff to update their knowledge.
Also magazines related to current affairs and a copy of Times of India is always available in the library that comes in handy for the aspirant during his/her
A playground, playpark, or play area is a place specifically designed to enable children to play there. It is typically outdoors. While a playground is usually designed for children, some target other age groups. A playground might exclude children below a certain ag
A spacious dining hall with seating capacity around 40 students at a time with kitchen equipments such as exhaust system, water cooler, water purifier plant, Chutney grinder, Mixer grinder and other essential utensils.

Full diet (3 times a day) includes freshly cooked, hygienic & delicious Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The diet chart consist of the best diet plan required for a healthy student.

We, here at aashirwad Defence Academy always try to maintain the ethics of buying food material & vegetables & other edibles. We buy most of food products of high quality from Best Price. We always keep quality above cost. We always want our hostellers to eat healthy as if they are getting a feeling of home cooked food.
Indian Army physical eligibility, selection process(Bharti) details
The life of an Indian army soldier is a prestigious and dignified one. Anyone can apply for an Indian army job, irrespective of his caste, religion, or class. The only criteria for an Indian army soldier’s recruitment is that he meet the educational, physical and medical standards put forth, along with passing the age barrier.
Soldiers are recruited all year round, and the announcement for the recruitment program is published in the local newspapers. This is done two weeks before the rally conducted by zone recruiting officer and branch recruitment officers, from where the recruitment actually takes place.
You need to pay attention to ads in the local papers if you want to be a soldier. For recruitment, you need to bring along a photocopy of your class 10th certificate and mark sheet, class 12th mark sheet, latest character certificate (which is to be signed by the village sarpanch), domicile and caste certificate. You also need to carry a dependent certificate if you have lost family in the army. You also need to carry a National Cadet Corp certificate if you were a part of it.
After the checking of documents, you need to clear the physical fitness test along with a medical and a written exam.

Age –
17 ½ – 21years

Educational Qualifications –

SSLC/ Matric with 45% marks in aggregate, and 32% in each subject. No % reqd. if higher qualifications then only pass in Matric.

Physical Requirements –

A minimum of 165-170 cms of height depending upon the region from where the candidate belongs with an appropriate weight (48-50kg again depending on the region) and chest of at least 77kg. For details refer to website

Medical Requirements –

A candidate for the post of soldier in the Army should have robust physique and good mental health. Chest should be well developed having minimum 5 Cms expansion. The candidate for the post of soldier in the Army should have normal hearing with each ear and good binocular vision in both eyes.
He should be able to read 6/6 in distant vision chart with each eye. The candidate for the post of soldier in the Army should have a colour vision of CP-III and should recognize red and green colours. The candidate for the post of soldier in the Army should have sufficient number of natural healthy gum and teeth i.e. minimum 14 dental points.
The candidate for the post of soldier in the Army should not have disease like deformity of bones, hydrocele and varicocle or piles

Our Achievements


लोकेश सैनी पुत्र
श्री लालचन्द

चवरा (झुझुनूँ)

पृथ्वीराज मीणा पुत्र
श्री बिरजूराम मीणा

टोडा (सीकर)

श्रीपाल पुत्र
श्री भागीरथमल

बिरोडी छोटी (सीकर)

लोकेश कुमार मीणा पुत्र
श्री बिरूराम

नयी ढ़ाणी (सीकर)

प्रमोद देवा पुत्र
श्री घासीराम देवा

देवा की ढ़ाणी (झुंझुनूँ)

शीशराम नेहरा पुत्र
श्री हरफूलसिंह नेहरा

नेहरा की ढ़ाणी (सीकर)

लालचन्द शर्मा पुत्र
श्री सांवरमल शर्मा

गांव दुडिया (झुंझुनूँ)

अशोक शेषमा पुत्र
श्री ज्ञानाराम

दातारामगढ़ (सीकर)

अविनाश यादव पुत्र
श्री रामावतार

खिरारोद (जयपुर)


दिनेश कुमार सैनी पुत्र
श्री राधेश्याम सैनी

चिराणा (झुंझुनूँ)

कमल कुमार सैनी पुत्र
श्री बच्चपनलाल

कुडी की ढ़ाणी (सीकर)

पंकजसिंह पुत्र
श्री तेजसिंह

राजनोता (जयपुर)

पीथाराम खिलेरी पुत्र
श्री आनन्द प्रकाश

मलसीसर (झुंझुनूँ)

प्रदीप पुनियां पुत्र
श्री ईश्वरलाल

शीथल (झुझुनूँ)

विकास सबल पुत्र
श्री भंवरलाल

भोड़की (झुंझुनूँ)

नवदीप रावत पुत्र
श्री बन्नेसिंह

चवरा पोख (झुंझुनूँ)

आशीष सैनी पुत्र
श्री फूलचन्द सैनी

छापोली (झुंझुनूँ)

विश्वास लम्बोरिया पुत्र
श्री मोहनसिंह

आंतरोली (सीकर)

सुमित कस्वा पुत्र
श्री जयवीरसिंह

भादरा (हनुमानगढ़)

प्रितम जांगिड़ पुत्र
श्री प्रभातराम जांगिड़

नानरवाड़ी (झुंझुनूँ)

राजेश ढ़ाका पुत्र
श्री सुखराम

भुमा बारा (सीकर)

विकास कुमावत पुत्र
श्री सीताराम

परसरामपुरा (झुंझुनूँ)

योगेश गुर्जर पुत्र
श्री मनगुराम गुर्जर

डाबरो की ढ़ाणी (झुंझनूँ)


राकेश सैनी पुत्र
श्री भागीरथमल

गंगाराम की ढ़ाणी (सीकर)

पवन कुमार शर्मा पुत्र
श्री सुरेन्द्र कुमार

जाजोद (सीकर)

आकाश शर्मा पुत्र
श्री सुरेश शर्मा

रसीदपुरा (सीकर)

अंकित कुमावत पुत्र
श्री जगदीश प्रसाद

चिराना (झुंझुनूँ)

जितेन्द्रसिंह पुत्र
श्री यदुवीरसिंह


राजपाल नेहरा पुत्र
श्री पूर्णमल

काँवट (सीकर)

संदीप कटारिया पुत्र
श्री नेकीराम

भोजपुर (सीकर)

रवि कुमार शर्मा पुत्र
श्री विनोद कुमार

कुदन (सीकर)

कृष्ण सोनी पुत्र
श्री नथूराम सोनी

भडूदां कला (झुंझुनूँ)

विजय कुमार पुत्र
श्री सुरेन्द्रसिंह


श्रवणसिंह पुत्र
श्री साहबराम

सरदारशहर (चूरू)


संदीप ओला पुत्र
श्री सांवरमल ओला

कुडली (सीकर)

दीपक पुत्र
श्री अशोक शेओराह

बारवास (हरियाणा)

नरवीर पुत्र
श्री ब्रिजभान शेओराह

बारवास (हरियाणा)

लक्ष्मीनारायण पुत्र
श्री जगदीश प्रसाद


महावीर ताखर पुत्र
श्री जगदीश प्रसाद

शेरपुरा (सीकर)

अजीत बेनीवाल पुत्र
श्री गोपालसिंह

शेरपुरा (सीकर)

रमेश कुमार पुत्र
श्री बिरमाराम

8 डलप (हनुमानगढ़)

कैलाश खोखर पुत्र
श्री उधाराम

रायपुरा (सीकर)

अशोक मुवाल पुत्र
श्री मदनलाल मुवाल

शेरपुरा (सीकर)


सुरेश बेनीवाल पुत्र
श्री रामदेवाराम

शेरपुरा (सीकर)

रमेश जाखड़ पुत्र
श्री झाबरमल जाखड़

रायपुरा (सीकर)

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