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Welcome Vivekanand Vidha Aashram, Katar Chhoti (Bidasar) Churu

Welcome to Vivekanand Vidya Asharam Education Group
We are servicing in education field since 2000. It is a co-educational school. The school provides modern education in order to meet the challenges confronting the coming generation. The school is very particular in providing education for the children in the environment - based on the academic, literary, cultural heritage and traditions of the country.
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Our Institute :
  • Primary School
  • Sr. Sec. School
  • Convent English Medium School
  • Graduation College
  • B.ed. College
  • I.T.I.
  • Defence Academy
  • Pharmacy College   
Vivekanand educational and research institute, established under Mr. Ram Chandra Legha, he belives that "Investment in education is for generation to come and it payes the best interest." He is fully devoted and dedicated to nourish Vivekanand Institute as an Institution of Excellence in school education comparable to the best in Shekhawati Region. He thinks that education is to tell man how to think, how to work properly, how to make decision, means we have to inculcate manners conducts and good habit according to him. 
"The aim of education should be to teach the child to think mot what to think."
Ram Chandra Legha

About Us

 Our Institute Facilities :

  • Libraries
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Interactive Screens in classrooms
  • Science Laboratories
  • Innovation Studio and Learning Hub
  • Art Room
  • Subject Rooms
  • Kindergarten Activity Rooms
  • Outdoor Kindergarten Play Area
  • Kindergarten Learning Centre
  • Prayer Rooms
  • Sports Facilities
  • Auditorium
  • Canteen
  • Book Store
  • Medical Room
  • Security System & CCTV

Contact Us

Vivekanand Viday Ashram Campus
Nokha-Bidasar Highway
Katar Chhoti, Teh-Bidasar, Dist-Churu
Phone: 01569 - 245343
Mobile : (+91) 99284 - 10375

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